Professionals, business leaders and service providers have found a very powerful and effective program to improve customer loyalty and generate new business...Client & Retailer Cruises. 

This program allows you to select a deluxe cruise or vacation for yourself and guest, which you would promote to your clients, customers or related businesses. Members of your  client/business list would have the opportunity to travel with you at discounted prices and amenities not available to the public, and you enjoy the vacation  free of charge, with as little as 10 full paying clients.

Advantages for you:

1. You have the opportunity select a cruise of your choice and  sail on world class  ships free of charge. Special land based vacations are also available.

2. You will be providing your customers with exclusive discounts and amenities not available to the general public

3. By offering a “special vacation” you’ll be offering a unique “event” that will encourage your clients to bring friends and relatives…thereby creating new potential customers for you.

4. Many of your clients are “cruise converts”…they enjoy cruises and you’ll be tapping into a “pre disposed” market for potential business. If your clients are already cruising, doesn’t it make sense to have them sail with you?

5. Exclusive receptions just for your group will be scheduled so that you can further develop your client relationships. You will have the opportunity to host  special parties, seminars  that will be of value to your clients…and you’ll be   able to dine with them throughout the trip.

Most importantly, you will be providing an exciting and desirable vacation/cruise event for your clients while building  and heightening your connection with your customers.

Advantages for your clients/customers or related businesses:

1. They can enjoy a special cruise or land  vacation at discounts and amenities not available to the public.

2. In addition to dining with you on select days during the trip, your  clients will have the opportunity to spend quality time with you throughout the trip by attending your special parties, receptions, seminars or events.

3. Clients and customers who are current cruisers now have the ability to enjoy their next vacation with you and your company…and they can bring their friends and relatives!

4. Customers may also elect to save on select vacations by remaining loyal with your company…this is an optional program available to you at no additional charge.

This program

– Builds Client Loyalty

– Boosts New Business Acquisition

– Generates Positive  “Word of Mouth”

– Provides for Customer Incentives

– Offers Free Cruises for You & Guest

– See below for a Recent Example/Testimonial

          “I had an agent in Atlanta coordinating a group for one investment planner in Ohio (she knew personally) who did a trip each year and invited his top clients to join him.  He is a partner in a small firm there and did this in conjunction with his partners help in selling the trip. He did a few seminars and hosted dinners and cocktail parties – it was basically a relationship-building trip that helped him deepen the connection with his clients. He typically did a resort stay or something closer to home but this was the first “bigger” trip. He basically picked a sailing he wanted and invited his firms’ clients to join in (for full retail price). He did earn enough TCs to pay for him and his wife to go for free. He…sold 29 suites.”  Amy Crutchfield, Regent Cruise Lines Director of Sales, Southeast

TravelBiz Solutions LLC and our contracted affiliate do all the work…you just promote the vacation through your normal communication channels…TBS handles all of the phone calls, administration and work…

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