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Your next conference attendees could qualify for free airfare if they combine your meeting with a luxury cruise or land vacation

Thats right…there are cruise lines  that offer free international airfare to their embarkation port! This  means that if your international conference location is adjacent to a  destination that feature cruise departures, you might be able to offer your attendees FREE airfare to YOUR convention.

If your next conference coincides with a luxury cruise departure in an adjacent city, you have a unique opportunity to build excitement for your convention and boost your attendance. By offering a “Pre” or “Post” cruise vacation, your attendees will save thousands of dollars with free air tickets and  special discounts offered by luxury cruise companies. This means that attendees can combine your educational program with a cruise vacation and save substantially! This is going to make their accountant and CFO smile!

There are dozens of “embarkation” cities that serve as departure ports for fabulous cruises which may work perfectly with your next conference venue. If your conference coincides when a cruise vacation begins or concludes, then you have the unique opportunity to promote a fantastic vacation as an optional trip either before or after your meeting.

Since select cruise lines provide free airfare from North America to their cruise,  your attendees can use the air ticket to cruise AND to attend your conference. They will be saving thousands of dollars and you’ll be boosting attendance just by listing the cruise details in your  promotional communications.

Just think of the “buzz” that will be created when your attendees find out they can utilize free air tickets to attend…and what a perfect opportunity for them to bring a guest with them for the trip.

And if your next meeting or conference is in South Africa or other major cities on the continent, we have some fantastic safaris that can be very exciting and affordable for your attendees.

TravelBiz Solutions LLC contracted affiliate does all of the work and handles phone calls and the details…

Some departure cities include:

Athens-Rome-Venice-Lisbon-Copenhagen-London-Amsterdam-Nice-Monte Carlo-Rome- Barcelona-Singapore-Hon Kong-Vancouver-Cape Town-Johannesburg- Prague-Vienna-Paris-Istanbul

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PS…TravelBiz also offers some incredible programs if your conference chair or organization organizer wishes to travel “free” by hosting a cruise or land vacation…be sure to ask us about this exciting opportunity.