Discover the secrets of world class companies to

living, protecting and leveraging your brand!

“Living Your Brand”…an innovative and entertaining workshop that boosts your employees & stakeholders ability to foster, promote and heighten your brand!

This compelling, live audio visual presentation and interactive session shares the principles of effective brand communication with your employees and stakeholders. “Living your Brand” focuses on the methods and approaches used by Fortune 100 companies to foster staff and shareholder brand morale and performance. Customized and tailored for the travel industry, this seminar provides real life examples whereby your group will walk away with over 24 principles that can be applied to their daily roles to improve their ability to foster  your/their brand.

During this fast paced three hour workshop, participants also learn how the “Disney approach” and methods  are used to improve individual staff performance. The role of exemplary service, avoiding pitfalls, gaining brand impact, improving personal performance, growing your customer base, minimizing competitive influences, leveraging communication are just some of the many topics covered.

Questions  & Answers:

Q: Who are the types of audiences that benefit from the “Living Your Brand” event?
A: This session is beneficial for all employees and stakeholders, regardless of their role or responsibility within your business. From “bartender” to “board member”, all participants will leave with practical approaches that  improve their ability to “live their/your brand” and increase their individual performance. The session can also be customized for specific divisions and areas within an organization.

Q: What is the structure of the session?
A: The session comprises two parts…first a one hour engaging and entertaining media presentation given by John Severini, TravelBiz’s founder. This session covers the principles of effective brand communication and “living the brand”, practiced by various world brands and the Disney Company. Some of the topics include:

The Disney Way…applying the Disney approach to service & building your business
The role service plays in brand delivery
“Gorilla Branding”…how to have big brand impact on a small brand budget.
Pitfalls…quick and easy ways to avoid destroying a great brand
“Even the big brands make mistakes”…how to avoid the “bad response” and how to keep brand  integrity
Opportunities for the future

The second two hour session, led by John, is an interactive workshop/brainstorm session, customized for your group. Participants identify opportunities and ways to improve their personal performance and leverage their brand through effective brand communication.

Q: What are the topics covered in the workshop/brainstorm session?
A. Topics include: improving individual performance, providing exemplary customer service, avoiding pitfalls, gaining brand impact, leveraging opportunities, growing new customers, effective communication and much more.

Q: How does this differ from other “Brand” presentations?
A: John is one of the few industry executives that has led organizations in most sectors of the travel industry. He has senior management experience in the cruise, attractions, airline, tour and destination management sectors. As a leader of these organizations, and during his tenure at the Walt Disney Company, John  spent years teaching the techniques used by leading brands. John has conducted hundreds of  workshops, keynote speeches and general session presentations and he incorporates the “Disney Approach”and other examples of world class companies in his programs. Unlike other motivational talks or sessions which provide “short lived” results, participants in the “Living Your Brand” program learn valuable tips which can help them be more productive in their roles and careers.

Q: What are the benefits of the session for your staff, stakeholders? Whats the benefits to your company?
A: Your employees and stakeholders will have a better understanding of how to become true “advocates” of your brand. They will also leave with better communication approaches to customers and peers. In addition, they will become more engaged, responsive and productive in their individual roles. Stakeholders will be more efficient in opportunities to leverage their role with your business and brand.

Q: How expensive is the program?
A: TravelBiz Solutions’  unique “Living Your Brand” program is priced much less than other programs that require more time and resources…and we work with your budget to be sure that our program is affordable and cost efficient. Just call us at 1 714 399 8668, or contact John Severini at

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