If you are among the many leaders who have been disappointed in sessions that have promised you new operating efficiency and customer growth while only really providing re-tooled programs that didn’t pay off, you are not alone. We take a different approach that yields the results you seek.

What Sets Us Apart

The type of consulting we provide is, in many ways, fundamentally different from those of other consultants. Here are seven reasons why we are unique:

1. Our consulting group is made up of some of the most creative, knowledgeable and successful individuals in today’s marketplace. You’ll benefit from the experience and expertise of some of the brightest minds in America.
2. Our consultants remain at the cutting edge of their fields. If there’s something new out there, we’ll find ways to apply it to your needs and to brand your business as a pacesetter.
3. We’ve been called a “boutique” consulting firm, with good reason: We take a very personal approach to our clients’ needs. Your initiative won’t get lost in some labyrinth-like mega-firm or mishandled by an inexperienced consultant. You’ll have our full, professional attention.
4. We’ll tailor our proposed solutions to your organization’s structure, culture and needs. We don’t build our recommendations from generic and recycled ideas. At TravelBiz Solutions, one size does not fit all.
5. Though we specialize in the travel and tourism industry, we’ve found that our initiatives’ best practices translate to other businesses as well. In fact, this permits us to provide a different perspective and formulate fresh strategies that have never been used in other industries – and that we think will work.
6. Our services represent a great value. Our approach is simple and economical, with little overhead. For a reasonable investment you get access to high-level experts.
7. We have a broad spectrum of experience. Our experts have excelled in multiple sectors of our industry. We know how each segment – cruise lines, tour operators, DMOs, travel agencies and other suppliers – interlaces with the others. We know how it all works.

What does  this mean for your marketing, product development and bottom line? Simple…you get the best practices adopted by world class organizations blended and adapted to your organization, something that most “business building” organizations can not provide.