Family and Friends Vacations…lasting memories and special experiences

Discover how enriching and unforgettable a cruise, destination or safari can be when you decide to make your next vacation a truly memorable experience by traveling with your family and or friends.

We can show you how our family/friends programs allow you to share life’s great moments and experiences with people you cherish and enjoy…at very affordable prices.

Cruise destinations throughout the world are great venues for traveling with your own special group…just think of this…you’ll have special parties, events and amenities planned just for you and your family…and throughout the voyage, you will have your own “floating” home to relax with the people you enjoy the most!  Similar to our other group programs, we provide special group incentives not available to the general public…and you will be able to sail free depending on the amount of guests you bring.

Don’t forget that “land based” vacations can also be a fantastic family/friends opportunity. Specifically the “ultimate” land experience is our Africa Safaris where you will share some of the most powerful and memorable vacations on the planet. This type of vacation is perfect as “multi generational” groups…and will provide for amazing experiences for your group of all ages. I speak from experience…I’ve taken five of these safaris with my family…nieces, nephews etc.. and they have been the most memorable trips of my life.

Remember…when you take your kids on an exciting and special vacation..they will always remember that YOU were the one that made it a reality.

For more information re. our Family and Friends vacations, contact us or call  714 399 8668.


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